A small continent, Holm is also quite unlike any other land in Atleah. Though it is under the dictatorial rule of an independent council of dark elves, it still carries a traditional figurehead. At this time, that is Isu Dynetta, a drow whose power and position is as much of a mystery to Holm’s people as it is to outsiders.

Holm’s free people keep to the main city of Luderach beneath the rocky, ash-blasted surface, and live a fairly luxurious lifestyle afforded by the slave trade. Luderach is deeply entrenched in the practice and study of the arcane, and graduates of its Minotaurian School are widely respected. Outside of Luderach, Holm’s primary source of wealth is widely known and loved or reviled, depending on whether one is a client or an opponent. Forced labor and well controlled slaves are littered throughout surface and sub-surface mines across the barren landscape. On the surface, most slaves are kept in isolated camps. Due to breathing in toxic gases in the volcanically-adulterated air of Holm's surface, many slaves develop lung conditions. Some believe this is intentional, so that no slave would outlive the usefulness of its youth and the years of its prime

Most of the slaves bred for labor are full and half-ogres, being of such enormous size and muscularity that they are incomparable in their usefulness for hard, manual tasks, and often too dumb to develop any sort of a revolution against their masters. Their pure instincts to fear and love their masters from birth to death through rigid training make them as subserviant as dogs to their buyers.

Drow Slavers periodically raid the coasts of Bath, Toridhalas, and Miji Kaki, and some say they even at times will test the Grand Fal coasts, looking for women and children to kidnap, train, and resell. Some of Holm's biggest clients are in Grand Fal and thus Holm has a certain level of protection in their foul trade.