The most heavily populated continent – and almost entirely by humans – Grand Fal is the homeland for Men and has two different governments. The first, and more dominant, is that of Thalados Trent, an extremely aged king who has ruled for over a century. His realm in the west is known as Wynehoste. The other realm taking up the eastern territory, Priam, is part of the Trent Empire . It’s ruled in name only by Taenar Thorne, a bastard of the long dead Petar "Victorum" Trent, conqueror of Bath. In Thorne's absence during his campaign to conquer Bath and solidify his imperial claim, Priam is more directly ruled by the Infinitus Council, a select group of elders who are believed to have widespread influence and control over much of Atleah by way of investments and enterprise.

The chief voice of the Infinitus Council in Priam and is Duke Migot, a man whose intelligence and cunning is scarcely rivaled among politicians, if not all men. Migot is said to be a high financier in the slave trade and is its biggest advocate in Priam, a country where increasingly educated masses are pushing for change.

Grand Fal has many mines and is the source of 85% of the world’s known iron ore. It has a rich society of scientists and engineers, and although its cities reflect a Victorian wealth in their design quality, the land still clings to religious traditions and serfdom. To say that Grand Fal is medieval is only in the aspect of its politics (monarchy) and methods of warfare (swords, archery, cavalry). Whereas the Trent continent has a rough, military-colonial aspect about it. Scholars across Grand Fal are rumored to have discovered steam power and other things, and have been experimenting and developing in Wynehoste

Thalados’ Wynehoste is the richest source of scholars, artists, and culture in the human world, along with being the seat of the wealthiest noble houses among Men, while Priam under Petar Trent turned toward military production and providing the foundation for the Trent family’s pursuits on Bath.