The Nine NationsEdit

Atleah's nine continents are oft-called the "Nine Nations", though the variety of nations and nation-states within those land masses far exceeds that number. A brief description of each follows:

Bath (also known as Trent)Edit


The world map of Atleah, showing the general shape of the nine continents.

Bath (full entry) is home to many races, predominantly Men in the south in the cities of Nautilus and New Sterne , Dwarves in the Serpentine mountain range, Zionics on the western tip in and around the occupied Seer's Tower , and elves, pixies, and other fae in the far east near the adjacent land mass of Kai. A smattering of fishing villages line the south, west, and north-western coasts. The ruinous city of Old Sterne is west of the Serpentine, not far from the rebuilt New Sterne. Montour Keep is east of the Serpentine, beneath the evening shadow of its crags. North of the keep is Lake Inor, and at the northern edge of the lake is the independent kingdom of Raythire under the rule of High King Volthail Hake.

Grand FalEdit

A densely populated nation of humans, Grand Fal is divided into the western kingdom of Wynehoste and the eastern kingdom of Priam. Both are oppressive, old world societies that endorse forced labor or heavy taxation. Citizens are heavily monitored by a force of elite, middle-class soldiers, and a rich institution of arts, science, and even the arcane arts is promoted by various academies in the region.


Holm is a jagged, rocky landscape of volcanic activity, foul beasts, and outposts for the training and labor of slaves. A subterranean nation and vast, foul underworld lies deep beneath its surface, home to Dark Elves and their capitol, Luderach.


Kai, the east-central continent that forms a rough mirror-crescent to Bath (see map), is