The nine continents of Atleah are distinct and independent. Last Morning, lying at some distance over the sea from the wilds of Malan, stands apart.

The Planet

Atleah is a blue-green planet in the Solyx solar system. It orbits the yellow-white star Sol and its infant moonstar Solina. Atleah has two moons, the grey-silver moon Ina not unlike Earth's, and the large, dim, bluish moon Inor which only reflects the lesser light of Solina and not that of the great star Sol.

Atleah's continents have changed over the millenia by both tectonic shifts of the underlying plates in her crust and divine events. The central continents of Bath and Kai, for instance, show evidence of having been fused together at one time.

Atleah's hemispheres do not have climates based on an equatorial sun running around the middle of the planet. The suns Sol and its orbiting moonstar Solina shine largely from the southern hemisphere, from the south-eastern quadrant of the world map, where the lands of Osirion and Miji Kaki are hot and nights are short. Opposite, the north-western pole off the far coast of Toridhalas leaves the lands of Holm and Toridhalas with long nights and generally cold-to-chilly weather. The strip running from the southwestern corner of the map to Last Morning in the north-east is a more temperate climate, with warm summers and cold winters.